Hanzou gives to order to kill Nagato. Hidden Rain shinobi appear and attack nagato with their kunai.
Nagato repels their kunai, surprising the ninja.
He takes the opportunity to save Konan, but his legs are hit by Hanzou's Katon technique[s].
Both his legs are crumbling...
(That's kinda why he's in a wheelchair now)
Hanzou is surprised when Nagato is standing with his Rinnegan, even after being hit by his Katon technique
While Nagato collapses,
Summoning: Gedou Ma Zou
(It's just like the statue that extracts and keeps the Bijuu)
Konan shouts: "Don't use that technique!"
Several black rods comes out of the statue and pierces Nagato's back.
Thence, in Musou Mode, white dragons emerge from the statue's mouth.
They hit the Konoha Anbu and the Hidden Rain shinobi, their souls being extracted one by one.
The filler ninja are wiped out. Danzo then flees after seeing the statue.
Hanzou escapes through Shunshin no Jutsu.

The end of the story, back to present time.

And afterwards, he says something like his comrades had died one by one.

He demands Naruto's answer.
Naruto remembers what Ero-sennin said.
(The stuff about everyone understanding each other)
Naruto: Ero-sennin believed in me and entrusted it to me.
That's why I'll believe in what Ero-sennin believed in.
That's my answer!!
And that's why I won't kill you!

The end

Cover/spine is of Sasuke.